Sunday, December 23, 2007

And suddenly there were only two more sleeps until Christmas...

This will ramble, and it is also an experiement in editing my own posts and getting info in (while I am thinking about it) and then translating it later for all (with the pics and colour...)

Today, as I lay here in bed, feeling very sore and sorry for myself ~ I have had many highlights! Millie and Molly, a girlfriends goats, have been offered and delivered as our lawnmower, weed removalists and clearerers of those areas we cant get into to. Hopefully she does come back for pizza & champagne later ~ wee notorious for accepting then texting an excuse. Usually not a worry, I KNOW how busy it can get ~ but I just need people a little at the moment.

Lots of hurting and paining and moaning and groaning. Had the MRI, noisy thing but I swear the lovely lass doing it all was a dead ringer for the 'bend it like beckham' actress who is now in ER ~ the face, voice, tone - she was lovely (and I guess when charging $499.65; you can afford the best)

Have had lots of rain ~ we could see it coming for a few hours, but boy . . . when it arrived, it certainly let us know!! Drought? ~ what drought?!?!?! Well it was torrential and required a few visits from SES, CFA, civic compliance and council infratructure due to flooding three times - last one into the house. Have pics of those, trechnes and brickwork moved/done in a hurry and poor Hubby stuck in Sydney (or poss on a plane, we weren;t sure). Yeah for school holidays - at least I knew where the kids were!! It doesn't show up that well, but my gumboots are underwater!

Had been emailing with a lovely lady, discovered to be literally 30 houses up from us and we just did a seed/seedling swap and info share. She was impressed with what we have.

The garden is a hive of activity - lettuce going to seed, already getting the new self seeders up; same with the asians (boy/pak choys), tomato plants have run wild.... will get in there, soon. Pea time is just about up, might throw in a handful and see if we get a late crop. Only2 successfull cauli, but looks like there are a few more just peeping through - I've so so not been able to get in there yet.

Strawberries, leeks, beans, peas, onion, spring onion, chives, corriander, lettuce, broc, carrots, OH and our first cucumber.

Pain killers have kicked in, againbackspace (and spacebar) seem to be getting as muddled as I so I will return to edit, add pics and emplain more.

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Richard said...

Hope it all went well for you.
Come - keep your bolg going. I love your simple savings posts and you must get some pictures in there!!
I pop past so often, so I thought I;d leave a note of encouagement!

Karn Mands!