Friday, January 25, 2008

Where did January go....

Time just goes so fast!

Well, the Centrelink dramas are over ~ and before you think I am trying to 'screw' the system, it is not about the dollars it provides - more the PCC to reduce my medical outgoings. Yeah: What I thought would help is to start a bit of a diary in arrears ~ this way you will know a little of the background that is moi!

Last year, well Dec 2006 - Jan 2007, we had our first full family holiday – away to sunny QLD for a month, scrimped & saved for a year (changed a lot of habits, invented new ones) and decided this was the year for change. Go 2007!!

Gotta love new year’s resolutions made in the sun of another state, don’t you. Well, I only meant we were going to throw out the crap, rubbish and clutter and find everything a place of it’s own in our home – our home, the other thing we scrimped & saved for, only brought all the crap with us in the rush to vacate!!

Then came February. First I was unsuccessful with an internal promotion, become redundant through a company restructure and Nan died. That was the Monday. Yes, all on one day. At least there was nothing extra to be waiting for (you know, things coming in threes ) On the bright side, the redundancy package was attractive and it was several months until D-day (in my case). I had 6 weeks sick leave up my sleeve, pull one or three here and there. Or I could be good because there were several opportunities under the restructure, ones where I could use other skills in difference divisions, some only available internally. I got one of those. How pleasing to know I ‘fit’ the company structure. New work collegues, new duties. My own responsibilities. Holiday leave, superannuation, security, all the other lurks & perks on offer.

Then I got sick. Five weeks. What was that about sick leave?? An asthma attack and a repertory infection. Never had that before – blue lips, no air – scary in hind sight. Just wanted to sleep at the time (not a good thing with reduced oxygen). The resp infection was just the icing so for three weeks it was bed rest then working only in the mornings was a fun thing when I did finally get back to work. Lucky I am the honourable, reliable employee - for the most part. At least I had that amount of sick leave!!

For the first time, my littlest had friends over after school – and no childcare fees were a pleasant change. The house was tidier (hey, I was sick you know – that’s what I harped at the kids to get the kitchen mopped!!), and can I bring up the reduction in stress levels. I was actully a nice person, able to have dinner ready at 6pm, readers done, kitchen cleaned up. It was wonderful. OK, when I was first struck down I could not do anything I was so crook. Darling Hubby re-jigged work and took time off to look after our world for the first week.

Then No1 son pick up the slack (as well as 16yo boys do, and as argumentatively too, LOL) so things did stay nice. In week 3 with a bit of energy back I did attack No2 son’s room and de-Happy Meal toy the room. So, I went back to work and asked if my new job could be dropped by a measly 5.5 hours a week to accommodate more family friendly hours? It would mean leaving 1.5hrs earlier and no ADO (and I did so love my ADOs, they were all about me too). But no, that could not be managed, they needed my support there at all times. And I really did want to stay, so at least I tried. Plus I was taking the school holidays off, two weeks of bliss, sleep-ins, tidy up – you know the type. ROTFL – hind sight, you’ll get it soon.

I planned to take those school holidays off and have a few adjustments, massages, chardonnays as my littlie is taking these holidays overseas with Nanny (thank you Nanny) so I was planning some clean up and me time!! With the help and absence of my 16yo (in that order, too, hopefully). And then my back went.

Twelve years ago I was in a head on. Long story short, body’s getting old, brain’s not so body gets ignored, lots then - ouch. Was it trying to tell me something, hold on – hold on, got to organize No2’s passport. I’ll hobble up the corridor and organize the mini skip on my mobile for during the holidays, oh and the passport. Race passport app to the post office, get the engraving done, certificate and discs for the farewells, ooh that was my shoulder. Is there a moral to this drivel, I mean tale? Yup – it was time to stop.

I enjoyed being at home for the first time with my kids. It hurt to work. Literally. Never had a really break from full time work in 20 odd years. DH took paternity leave as we live regionally and I work close to home, he in Melbourne. I had got to do canteen duty in June, and loved it.

So I exercised my female prerogative, changed my mind with absolutely no regret nor embarrassment and declined the new position, spent my last two weeks hobbling around, having physio in business hours, turning up late in the morning and leaving early, took the package, and am now a lady of enforced leisure. Albeit in a lot of pain. What’s more – DH says it can be all about me for the next month, entirely!! Can’t walk too much. It makes my back ache after a while but, before all the advice comes, I exercising it, using balls appropriately (don’t be rude), apply heat and ice as required and advised and seeing my back dude 2-3 a week – that’s the killer part. yes, yes - all about me.

So best is horizontal and intermittent vertical (for heat packs, chocolate and lolly-gobble runs), fish oils, anti-inflams, the odd tipple and pain killer. Lots of orders for my men but the house is looking good. I would happily let anyone in the front door – must drag someone walking past in and get a sworn statement they could see the carpet, and it was vacc’d and looked loverly!! So it is all about me. Me me me me. I rock (my hips to ease the pain). I am woman hear me roar ‘Get those cobwebs from the skylights’, ‘Chops out of tea and veggies ready please’, ‘hang out/bring in that washing’, ‘Vac it again, yes I am a slave driver and you are my slave’ (ask my neighbours about the set of lungs on me!!) LOL

And, as I say to my dear, intolerant, frustratingly ‘bored’ 16yo, this is exactly how it has to be at this point in time!! And for at least another 10 days, or more if I can push it!! Call me selfish, you have no idea of the pain & difficulty. Call me bossy, for the first time in 16 years he is actually doing as asked and told (so that is a success – chart it up!!). Call me lazy – I just blame the medication and roll over again!! Just call me – there is no one here to talk to…. *sob* (tee hee)

Spent three months on my back after the initial car accident in 95, but it was when we were in Melb & I had to leave the door unlocked and carry a phone as I often got caught on the ground or couch and could not get up. Bloody funny at times - my Dad was a regular legend. Could have done with wireless internety stuff then!! And, may I add (and I will coz I can) this is only the stuff from the start of last year - and not all of it!! I always say NO ONE would believe it has happened to one person. I can laugh because I reckon I'd be a crying mess if I didn't!! **grins**

So that is a quick snap shot of life until about March/April 2007. Honestly - you could write a soap opera for at least 3 families' charaters and plots - but wait there is more....

I'll pop more in later - time for meds, exercises and an egg check... See you soon

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