Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh boy, oh boy ~~ September . . .

Life just goes too fast sometimes ~ even with a fractured spine!

It has been a hard slog, but September always holds some great events for the humble inhabitants of the Bungalow. Fathers' Day is important and we joined the 20th Century with our first video camera. A combined Fathers' Day / brithday ~ because MyMan's birthday is on 16th.

The 23rd is MudGuts birthday ~ very important this year as he turned 18. How the hell did I become the proud owner of a 6'9" lean, lanky adult? September also has my sister's 35th; a new addition to the family on 12th (I think it was the 12th, a hell of a lot has happened this month!); school holidays and a sojourn into hospital for me!

Finally I have had my surgery . . .

Right at the start of the month I said to MyMan, quite confidently, we'd know more about this surgery waiting list thing. Boy, was I right. At the start of the month we were called down to Melbourne for a pre-admin to surgery appointment - taking quite a few hours (and that all important urine and bloods they are so keen to remove).

All things explained, I certainly felt comfortable, and the date was made: Tuesday 16 September ~ MyMan's birthday. In for up to 10 days ~ some OT while in RMH and then rehab at home as MyMan was offered paid time off for a few weeks. Excellent.

Was the longest two weeks ~ and probably the most painful. I swear the ol' bod decided it did not need to hold out any longer, and just didn't.

Now I've been home a week, still getting on top of a heck of a lot of sleeping ~ so I hope you don't mind if I say good night for now and fill you in tomorrow.

I must show you a few gifts I received ~ from those very special Glow girls, a most appropriate fruit basket was sent. I don't know about you - but hospital food is not the most wonderful and I was stuck on a soft and light diet for most of my stay and supplemented my lack of meals with bananas, grapes and the biggest strawberries I have ever seen in my life.

MyMans' employer also sent a gorgeous bunch of orchids ~ one of my favourite flowers. They looked stunning and are still looking quite beautiful today!

To hold the suspense - I won't show you a pic of the tulips. We'll start my hospital journey tomorrow and Fred took heaps of pictures - of everything including the toilet seat...


Milliebug said...

Lol Mands, only a boy would take a photo of the toilet seat...hehe.

Hope you are doing ok today and each day brings less pain and more smiles.

Lots of Hugs

Millie Bugxxx

Who Am I? said...

That fruit basket looks luscious!!!

Hope you're still doing well on the road to recovery and a pain free life....

I'm so glad that all the cards you received went a little way to helping you forget your pain for awhile and showed you how loved you really are!

Love & Light

Rach aka The Lil Black Duck

Anonymous said...

Oh Mands, what an amazing journey you have been through/are going through.

And SOOOOO glad you liked the fruit - we wanted to get you something that was just a little bit different, but also useful/practical, and let you know we were thinking of you all at the same time.

Great blog by the are such a clever thing!

Love Dianne.

~ Mands! (on-a-mission) ;o) said...

Thanks guys! I really hope I get 'into' blogging. I will get some of those bathroom shots in, somehow.

The fruit basket was HUGE and heavy! The strawberries were almost the size of golf balls. I love that there was a whole pineapple because I will be planting the top. I've tried before ~ but I just could not keep a good eye on it. Will be able to soon!!